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undocumented people in this country. >> i am an undocumented immigrant from germany. >> we mow your lawn, we work at your houses, maybe we are your doctors, nurses. we are not who you think we are. >> people who have come here illegally should not be citizens of the united states. >> so what happens if you discover that someone is an undocumented person? a major blow for immigration reform today. the senate voted against the dream act. >> i'm a hard-core republican but i do not agree with them on this. >> you are an illegal alien. >> know, i'm a undocumented -- >> i think i'm breaking the rules by having you in my studio. >> we dream of a path to citizenship. we dream of contributing to the country we call our home. i have this fantasy that i get a green card and i fly and that my mother is there waiting for me. >> the trailer for "documented: a film by an undocumented american," written, produced, and directed by josÉ antonio vargas. he is with us in new york. the film opens tonight in new york, coming to theaters all over the country. welcome back to democracy now. , and nowt your journey
. germany believes it has more to lose than the united states. this is a meeting between angela merkel and barack obama that would have looked different a year ago. that was before the allegations of nsa spying in germany and more specifically, the spying on the mobile phone of angela merkel. she has wanted to see aagreement put in place between the united states and germany. that will not be the case and not announced here. it is a relationship that has soured somewhat. what you see today will be a move towards getting on with business despite a relationship that has gone a bit south since the first nsa allegations. >> last month, at least 75 died close by and now a suburb of the capital is reeling once more as a car bomb dedicated -- detonated killing at least 19. the attack comes as the city gets ready to host a major economic conference. >> a nearby police checkpoint was the target. it was here at the bus station that the car bomb exploded a few blocks away. a man jumped out and ran as it blew up. other eyewitnesses recount bashir forst of the deadly blast. -- the sheer force of th
for it to be viable. currently, there is no such airport in japan. in germany, lufthansa is betting heavily on two of the world's largest commercial aircraft. the latest model of the boeing 747, and the massive airbus a380. one of the company's executives explains why. >> we have to see the position of frankfurt and also our hub in munich, and maybe in zurich, vienna also in the lufthansa group system so we have a possibility to connect a lot of european cities from these huge hubs, which means if you compare this with tokyo, tokyo is not a hub like frankfurt when it comes to servicing so many neighborhood countries. >> reporter: the situation in japan means airlines there are counting on smaller and more maneuverable planes. >> translator: japanese airlines are doing well financially. for example, japan airlines has just posted a profit of $1.5 billion. as far as our earnings are concerned, japanese companies have adopted a sounder strategy than their overseas competitors. it does seem wiser to be shifting towards midsize aircraft. >> reporter: for the time being, jumbo jets and airbus a380s oper
'll fund it through some form of progressive income tax, a model very similar to what's offered in germany, where people opt into sickness funds and pay a percentage of their income to be covered in one of those funds. ultimately, that's where we need to get to. until we decide that we're just not willing to take that risk and have the government use the surplus or raise taxes, we're not going to make a lot of progress. just where these discussions will end is still in question. what is not in question is the importance of a healthy population to the health of the nation. "the human condition" is a 26-part series about health and wellness. for more information on this program, and accompanying materials, call: or, visit us online at: ox?tÑÑogÑgÑgoÑoÑ call: annenberg media ♪ by: ( murmullos ) hombre: ies villa! ies villa! ies andrés villa y está bien! narrador: bienvenidos al episodio 29 de destinos. en este episodio, roberto castillo, hermano de angela queda atrapado en una excavación. ¿será roberto? pero no toda la acción ocurre en el lugar de la excavación. iah! quien s
-- threatening looking photo of so-called green men. the crisis in the ukraine is really stoking fears in germany and europe that we could be going towards a new war at the moment. it is critical they say, it is a question of war or peace now. the magazine actually focuses on a thinly veiled tolerance that many germans have towards russia's expansion politics, a lot of this has to do with economic ties and also historic ties and der spiegel says that it seems like rush is full of a pop -- germany is full of russian apologists. gerhard schroder celebrated his 80th birthday with vladimir putin and they say this is a bad form and make fun of his foreign policy something he should be publicly defending. >> it focuses on the 50 most influential africans in the world. >> this is on the front page today, a very wide ranging list. you have the former u.s. secretary-general, kofi annan. and the comedian is also on the list and the leader of al qaeda. this is a very wide-ranging list. one person they focus on is franco iborium. we have heard a lot about him and france because he recently gave an interview
germany. so named because it's halfway to german street as the crow flies. that's what i call erudition. it's a beautiful country, they say. beautiful it may be, but it's not a patch on poland. ah, gentlemen, there'll always be a poland. otherwise, there wouldn't be any poles. [singing] ♪ there'll always be a poland and poland shall be free ♪ ♪ if poland means as much to you ♪ ♪ as poland means to me [music] there'll always be a poland? when jarry wrote the play, he would have scarcely have known that song or the sound of winston churchill's voice in world war ii. they are deliberate anachronisms added by this director. ubu roi has been popular with directors who enjoy adding their own mad touches to each production and who try to keep in the spirit of irreverence in ways which will mean the most to each new audience. since ubu, 20th-century writers have used similar techniques to emphasize modern chaos. in the plays of o'neill, ionesco, weiss and beckett, man has been depicted as ape, rhinoceros, asylum inmate and resident of a garbage can. expressionistic theater, as in ubu,
% russian energy goes to europe. a lot of their business is in england, germany. trade is very important. russia is a very important european partner. enough.did not go far i found it interesting that the targeted people who were racking upvolved in those protests, those people in donetsk. i do not imagine those people are really shaking in their boots. it is an important gesture. i do not know how far it will go. an important person on both minister,he prime deputy prime minister, who is allegedly responsible for the theren takeover, although are other people responsible who were sanctioned. these are very important gestures. i am a huge fan of sanctions. i think they go much further than that. it seems there is evidence that russian businesses are going to suffer from the sanctions. although we now hear that it is way back to 1949, where you have your of the doing america's bidding and whatnot. and trade forces are the most forceful measure to deal with this. >> it was only a few weeks ago that we had this agreement between the ukraine and geneva and the u.s.. has anybody tried to foll
recovering from virus, hoping to finish the job in germany. >> it has been a good season so far. we are happy to be in the position we are. there is still a lot of work. we will concentrate on each name as it comes. already,4 goals ronaldo is one goal away from setting a record. may be, of course, we hope, but i do not know how it was translated from what was said about sb already through. i think it will be a hard game. it will be difficult as we lay against a very strong team. we have little advantage over them from the first leg. we're going to try to make the most of it. to sayhink it is silly we believe we are already through. because, as i told you, it is going to be a very, very tough match. bayern dominated possession an were caught cold after early goal and counterattack. the spaniards will likely deploy a similar approach again. asked if we were going to change tactics and if you told the team about previous six of the cover he says i do not think we will change much with our tactics. andrn have their own game their own philosophy. they will not change from that. bitight do things a
. abe is scheduled to arrive on tuesday in germany. he'll also visit britain, portugal, spain, france, belgium over ten days. abe plans to seek closer cooperation with other leaders of the group of seven nations, ahead of a summit in june. >> translator: with regard to the situation in ukraine, i want to frankly exchange ideas with other g-7 leaders on how we can work together to reach a peaceful resolution through dialogue. >> abe is also scheduled to deliver a speech at nato headquarters in brussels. he'll explain his policy of pro-active contribution to peace. the policy outlines possible changes to the interpretation of japan's constitution. those changes will allow the country to exercise the right to collective self-defense. that would enable japan to use armed force to defense allies under attack. up until now, such activity has been considered to exceed constitutional limits. abe will also speak at the headquarters of the organization for economic cooperation and development in paris. he's expected to emphasize his government's efforts to revive the japanese economy. >>> gover
from germany said there had been no wrong treatment. >> i can tell you that the work the word of is a -- the mayor is a word of honor. we have not been touched, and we have been treated as the maximum extent, which is possible, under thie circumstances. >> schneider rejected allegations the inspectors were nato spies, saying that they were in ukraine on a diplomatic mission. mayor hasppointed said the observers might be released in exchange for jailed activists. we understand that the soldiers are hostages of the situation. three members of ukraine's security service have been captured. the armed insurgents claim they are on a mission to save the latest of the pro-russian force. they, too, were presented to the press but only to russian journalists. is seeking then release of all captives. beenr correspondent has covering events and joins us on the line. wasswedish observer released for medical reasons but the separatists are not budging. you were there today. what is your take? do you think they go she =- --do you think negotiators will be able to free the others? >> it is no
detained on friday. a spokesman for the organization confirmed that germany is leading negotiations for their release. >> it's a bilateral mission under the command of the german military's verification center. it is primarily a matter for germany. there is also the ukrainian government, which invited the mission into the country. today are also in contact. >> ukrainian reports say the observers are being held here at the barricaded police headquarters. separatists say they are in good health and that one soldier is being treated for diabetes. ukraine's interim prime minister condemned to the kidnapping. >> the idea that the so-called peace protesters are real terrorists is absurd. >> the osce has had no contact with them since they were taken captive. russia is working to resolve the situation. >> we're are joined now by our correspondent in kiev. alexander, what is the latest you are hearing on the observers -- alexandra, what is the latest you are hearing on the observers? the ukraine'so domestic intelligence agency, captives are being held in bad conditions. one person reportedl
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11